Who’s Who? – Research 3

Christopher Mckenney

Looking through my Who’s Who work and it’s come to me that I need to do another photoshoot. I’ve always had an interest in the Horror themed portraits so doing some research I have come across Christopher Mckenney.

“I don’t like to call myself a photographer, I prefer to be referred to as an artist”

Dropping out of college in 2010 , Christopher McKenney a Pennsylvania-based artists bought a Nikon D90 camera and started teaching himself Photography. McKenney used Youtube videos and experimenting to learn the basics and started creating straight away. McKenney states that the hardest things he had to face was shooting manually, “I had to wean myself off shooting on auto”, which means learning such things as Shutter speeds, Exposure times and Aperture (F-Stops). His subjects range from people falling onto beds on fire, which became one of his most favourite pictures, to “ghosts”. schweb01

He found himself in the woods one day in 2012 with nothing but a sheet, a chair and a frame to create these self-made “ghosts”. “I put the sheet over my head and Photohopped my body out” Which left a body form beneath the sheet after editing. “I don’t like to give people an identity; I like to focus on the story, not the person.”

After submitting his work to A.R.T.S.Y Magazine, he is now working with them on upcoming projects. As well as A.R.T.S.Y he is currently working on an Advert campaign with Sony, featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.




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