Who’s Who? – Printing Process

After looking into Cyanotypes previously I wanted to see what kind of outcome they would have on my Who’s Who project. I chose two very different images to print so I can see what kind of texture the fur hood could have on the prints and I wanted to see how detailed the close up face could be.

Using the same Photoshop process as before, I created two new acetate sheets. Using sepia toned images work better then black and white I have found during research. I painted my cartridage paper the night before so ensure they were completely dry and around 10am I positioned my paper and acetate in my window to ensure they will get enough light. I came back 12:30pm checked on them, and decided to give them another 30 minutes to ensure they were fully developed. 1pm I came back and rinsed them using water and set them to dry.

This is my outcome:

Cyanotype Printed outcome
Cyanotype Printed outcome

I am very surprised with how these prints turned out. I wasn’t expecting the detail on her face to be so visible. I believe I would like to use Cyanotype in my final images due to it giving off a very different painterly feel to my images and the unique look to every image is something I enjoy.



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