Who’s Who? – Photoshoot 2

I’ve been looking at Lee Jeffries portrait photos, with high contrast close up shots of faces. The black and white brings out so much detail in peoples faces which is what I wanted to experiment with here. I loved this girl, Charly’s, Eyes they were the most interesting part of her face and like Jeffries work they became a focus point for my close up shot, making sure my focus point was on her eyes.

Learning from my photoshoot on campus, I wanted to use textures and objects to make my photos more animated. Charly had his fluffy winter coat and it started to rain so she instantly put her hood up. The fur texture from her hood was interesting against her SONY DSCface. The original photo is a lot more wider but in post production I tightly cropped so her face & hood so it more or less filled the frame. I find the tightly cropped photo more effective due to there being no distraction from the background although when shooting I used a wide aperture to give me shallow depth of field.

I noticed when shooting zoomed out and physically getting close to her face, my lens gave off a domed effect which made her face look very wide. Rather than physically moving forward, I simply used my zoom (which I really should have done in the first place) to reduce any widening of her face.


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