Who’s Who? – Technical Photoshoot

During our lecture we went around campus looking at taking photographs of people on campus, so we can practise only having 3 or so minutes with the model to take a shot (as it may be in the work place). Rick shows us a good tip for getting out exposure correct before we com into contact with any models, by exposing the camera by pointing it at a light grey coloured object to get a good base exposure then we can adjust accordingly when needed.

I found this extremely helpful because I usually spend a good few minutes making sure my exposure is as perfect as possible, which isn’t always a good idea when you have limited time with a model.

Another reason this session was helpful, I broke my fear of ‘telling’ people how I want them in a shoot. I don’t want to seem rude ordering them around but this session showed me if you don’t give the models guidance some of them stand awkwardly, so communication is key into getting a good photo. Example – Guy with a beard, I didn’t speak up with what I wanted so I’m not completely happy with the outcome. I like the framing but if I had the opportunity to do that shoot again I would ask him to do more hand gestures either involving his beard or his hat. The man with the leaf in front of his face jumped in after we were photographing another member of the Control team, we asked his friend just to be comical. He was relaxed enough to jump in using a leaf as a fan.


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