Who’s Who? – Development 1

After looking at Nick Turpin‘s series Through a Glass Darkly, I looked into photographing people in every day situations. Although like before, this photo was from an experiment with fill flash it reminded me of previous work I have looked at during my research. I chose to experiment with square crop with this image to bring attention to the detailing of the face and facial expression rather than the detail of the hair and silhouette of Jade’s face.

The dark contrast of these images give a paint look appearance, its similar to old paintings of people in especially one we looked at at the beginning of the course by Joseph Wright of Derby called ‘An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump’.an_experiment_on_a_bird_in_an_air_pump_by_joseph_wright_of_derby_1768  He used Oil-on-canvas to create this work, this photo is one of a series of candlelit scenes that he painted during the 1760s. A lot of Joseph Wright’s work is at the Derby Museum (http://www.derbymuseums.org/studyroom/).



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